What is your delivery range?

MR. TANK delivers tanks of all sizes anywhere on lower Vancouver Island as well as the Gulf Islands. The furthest tank we have delivered is Port Alberni. Send us an email at sales.mrtank@gmail.com to inquire if you are in our delivery range.

When do you deliver?

MR. TANK is available 24/7 and can perform emergency deliveries for a small additional fee.

How do I contact MR. TANK?

Call 250-642-7033 to speak with a MR. TANK representative OR email sales.mrtank@gmail.com with any business inquiries.

What payment methods does MR. TANK accept?

MR. TANK accepts cash (pre-purchase or at time of delivery), certified cheques (addressed to MR. TANK), or credit/debit cards on our Square POS systems. Credit cards incur a 2.65% transaction fee.