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Above Ground Storage Tanks

Cylindrical tanks with wide bases for above ground applications. Made from food grade HDPE and certified for potable water. Vertical above ground storage tanks are mainly used for stationary water storage or rainwater collection.

They are made to be free standing and should be placed on a level and firm surface, free of sharp rocks and other items that may puncture the tank.

Underground Storage Tanks

Structurally reinforced cylindrical, rectangular and bulbous tanks used to hold liquid safely underground. Made from food grade HDPE and certified for potable water. Sizes range from 230 - 1550 imperial gallons. Comes with POLYLOK lid.

Maximum depth of bury is 24 inches for standard models and 48 inches for LP (Low Profile) models.

Transport Tanks

Cylindrical tanks with reinforced legs for stability during transport. Made from food grade HDPE and certified for potable water. Intended use is for transporting liquids on a truck, trailer or other vehicle. For above ground applications only; not suitable for below ground use.

Loaf and rectangular tank models suitable for transport are also available.

Polyethylene Septic Tanks

Reinforced tanks used for septic systems. Single and double chamber styles available for each size. Each septic tank includes a 4" inlet/outlet and a domed POLYLOK water tight lid. Available in sizes approved for single- and multi-family homes, seasonal camps, RV parks and industrial/commercial applications.

Maximum depth of bury is 24 inches of earth cover for standard models, 48 inches for low profile (LP) models.

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MR. TANK provides sales and delivery of water storage tanks and septic tanks at affordable prices. MR. TANK was started to provide cost effective water storage solutions for water deliveries and rainwater collection, and continues today with this as its primary focus. MR. TANK is known as being the cheapest source of Water Storage Tanks on the Lower Island.

MR. TANK is located at 3697 Otter Point Road in Sooke, B.C. We offer reasonable and flexible delivery rates and times.

MR. TANK has been serving Lower Vancouver Island for over 6 years.


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